Frequently Asked Questions:

What the hell is this? Is this promoting feminism or making fun of it?

How can you call this feminist when Gyno-Star’s outfit makes me want to have sex with her?

Do you look like Gyno-Star?

Are you a lesbian?

Is Gyno-Star a lesbian?

How old is Gyno-Star?

Could you please update more regularly?

Why does Gyno-Star wear high-heeled boots? Doesn’t that make it difficult to fight?

Will Gyno-Star ever take her mask off?

What is Gyno-Star’s origin?

How old is Little Sappho anyway?

What do you have against stay-at-home moms?

Why did you delete my comment?

How does punching people you disagree with make any kind of political point?

But what about teh menz?