by the wonderful political cartoonist Christopher Keelty

Marc L'Hommedieu 1

Marc L'Hommedieu 2

“The Movement” never looked so slimy! Awesome work by Marc L’Hommedieu.

By Indigo of Orchid Coloured Glasses

“The Happy Homemaker” By Agouti of Guttersnipe!

By Agouti of Guttersnipe!

Gyno-Star with attitude by Tony Esteves of Legendary Woodsman

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By “thebitterfig” (via DC Universe Online)

By Samuel Isaac “Ike” Dealey, creator of Woohooligan (whose actual Twitter handle is @datafaucet)

By Mike Jandreau, creator of Wicked Off Kiltah

By DeviantArt’s poluptukha

By Jack Munroe, creator of Ada Lee

“Inside the Mind of Vlad Deferens”
By DeviantArt’s PrivateCancer

By Luis Otero Soler