No Gyno-Star update this week. Boooooooo. Go ahead, I deserve it. SORRY!

I went on vacation immediately after posting the last strip, and even though I brought my drawing tablet and had every intention of using the down time to make comics, to everyone’s complete and utter surprise I lazed around in the sun and drank bloody Marias instead. If it’s any comfort, I got a bit sunburned so I’m not going unpunished for it.

I thought maybe I could have the comic for you a day or two late, but it ain’t happening. So I’ve decided to post next Tuesday. (Did you notice I’ve been posting regularly on Tuesdays?)

I’m bummed because I was on a no-missed-updates roll. But don’t worry, I’ll be right back on track before you know it. Have a good weekend, lovely readers. You’re the best.


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