Hey there lovely readers!

So you probably noticed I didn’t post a new comic last week. And it’s not looking like I’ll have one this week either. And now I’m headed to SDCC, where I don’t expect to get much work done. SORRY! I swear I’ve been working on your update, but it just won’t be ready until next week.

Things have been pretty wild these days. My illustration of activist Bree Newsome as Wonder Woman went viral. It was even featured in The New York Times(!), among other outlets.

I got profiled by The Huffington Post, and I did a couple other interviews that haven’t been published yet.

And like I said, now I’m heading down to San Diego for ComicCon. You can keep up with me at SDCC on Twitter and Instagram, and I’m even gonna try this new app Periscope where you make live videos? We’ll see how that goes!

If you’re around the con, hit me up! I’ll have stickers….

Stickers are here! #Gyno-Star

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Thanks as always for reading! Stay tuned for next week’s FABULOUS update.

<3, Rebecca

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