Hi folks!

Many of you have noticed that I haven’t updated since… wow, late November. So, first of all: I’m alive and I’m doing fine, and thank you all who expressed concern. Sorry to disappear on you like that.

Second of all, I will be posting new comics soon, I promise. I’m very excited about where the current storyline is going, and I’ve got several comics in the works for you, including an upcoming collaboration with Dave Barrack of “Grrl Power.” It’s gonna be fun and hilarious and I think you’re all going to love it. But! I’ve decided not to resume updates until I have at least a few comics ready to go, so there won’t be any more interruptions.

If you don’t feel like checking back constantly to see if the updates have resumed, I recommend following me on Facebook and/or Twitter, where I’ll be sure to let you know when new comics have been posted.

Third, and lastly, if you’re interested, please check out my work at VITAMIN W. I’ll be making original cartoons for that site once a week. If you enjoy the sense of humor and style of Gyno-Star, you’ll probably enjoy these stand-alone comics as well.

Thank you all for your readership and support!


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