Gyno-Star possesses super strength, a Gyno-Sense (psychic connection to oppressed women everywhere), the power to make people experience the pain of childbirth, and a super-human passion for equal rights.


Little Sappho

Little Sappho is Gyno-Star's sidekick, friend and protege. Her main (currently known) super-powers are gay-dar and Rightous Lesbian Rage. She is an avowed Marxist, but will probably grow out of it.


Stay-At-Home Mommy

Formerly known as the Happy Homemaker, Stay-At-Home Mommy is one of Gyno-Star's oldest foes. Although she constantly tries to change her image, her goal always remains the same: to trap women into lives of domestic desperation. Once a promising engineering student, SAHM gave up her dreams to pursue marriage and a family. The frustration of not being able to use her genius-level intelligence drove her mad. She gained super-powers when one of her household experiments went awry, and she was irradiated by her dish washing machine. Now she uses her intelligence in mad schemes to prevent other women from achieving their own ambitions.


Vlad Deferens

Vlad Deferens is Gyno-Star's oldest foe. He is a sexist asshole.